We highly recommend anyone new to the Pilates Method attend an initial private assessment with one of our Osteopaths/Pilates Instructors. For people in pain or who have an injury you will need to start here. 

The first consultation will include:

1. Finding out your history of any previous or recurring injuries.

2. Assessment of your current posture and movement patterns.

3. Your specific Pilates program is designed and implemented. We introduce you to all the studio equipment, teach you how to safely use the equipment, demonstrate exercises and teach you the foundations of the Pilates Method.

After your initial assessment, your instructor will recommend the most appropriate way forward. You may need another 1:1 session or you may be directed to join a studio or group class.

Starting with a 1:1 Pilates session ensures complete attention and instruction from your Pilates Instructor, which will help consolidate your Pilates vocabulary, technique and correct muscle activation.

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Beginners Course Option

Another great option for beginners to the Pilates Method, who are not suffering from any injury or restrictions; is to join our Reformer BEGINNERS Course. This course runs for 8 weeks and is the perfect introduction to Pilates, you will feel the full benefits of your commitment as you progress though our programmed course.

This course cannot be booked online through our MINDBODY software, please call our reception on 6331 6225 for more information or to reserve a place.


Done Pilates Before?

For those of you who have had previous experience with the Pilates Method, who are fit and healthy and lucky enough not to be suffering with pain or restrictions, then please feel free to join one of our ESSENTIALS Reformer classes.

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