Osteopathy can help pregnant women with

  • Back and neck pain 
  • Pubic symphysis pain
  • Other pregnancy related musculoskeletal complaints

We also provide advice for your posture post-pregnancy and can show you pelvic floor exercises that will assist your recovery. 


Babies can have a rough entrance into this world and in their first couple of years are prone to bumps and falls as they learn new skills. As their bones are more malleable than adults, they can retain strains and pressure through their little skulls and bodies that can contribute to certain states/conditions. For example you may notice you baby can turn thier head better to one side.

Here at Bodyfocus we have practitioners that have a particular interest in helping musculoskeletal issues in children and babies. 

You may be thinking; my child won’t stay still long enough for a treatment. Our Osteopaths are used to this and adapt treatment so it’s on the move and not necessarily isolated to the treatment table. The clinic has a great selection of toys and books that we also utilise and the treatments are usually shorter.