Osteopath guided rehab OR Studio sessions

These sessions incorporate a range of exercise modalities including Clinic Pilates, functional floor and mat training exercises and gym equipment. The session can be used for rehabilitation following an injury, improve sporting performance, to help prevent injury and to improve your posture. You will receive experienced teaching and exercise prescription and close supervision by one of our Osteopaths, hands on correction, and progression of your program. Our focus in these sessions is to achieve resolution of your injury with a stronger, more mobile body for your long term, future health.

1:1 Pilates Instructor

An initial private session will assess your individual ability, mobility, flexibility and postural assessment. For people new to Pilates, the private session is a great introduction to the Pilates method and some of the equipment available. This allows us to design a program that is specific to your personal goals, needs and abilities. As each session progresses you will be shown more enhanced techniques and apparatus.

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  • If you have not tried reformer Pilates before, and do NOT suffer from any injury or pain, we have designed the perfect introduction course to Pilates for you. With a maximum of 5 people, you will still get the attention you require to learn how to do Pilates with correct technique. So important for injury prevention and feeling and seeing a difference. The level “beginners” doesn’t just relate to level of fitness. Our Beginners Course is suitable for people who have been recommended by Osteopaths, Medical Practitioners and Physiotherapists to practice Pilates.

    NOTE: This course is not appropriate if you are pregnant. Please read about our BUMP Pregnancy Pilates class below.


  • Recommended once you have had your post natal check and got the all clear from your GP or Obstetrician to begin exercise, generally after 6 weeks. This course is a structured 8wk course, which has been carefully designed to progress women confidently throughout their post-natal recovery from natural and caesarean births. The focus is on restoring your deep abdominal muscles, pelvic tone and strength. It will also help those who experience neck and shoulder tightness, lower back pain, separation of their abdominal muscles and pelvic floor weakness and, you can bring along your new baby! Pilates is the perfect exercise to ‘get your body back’ and create the strong foundation you need for being a busy mum!

         NOTE: Please call our reception on 6331 6225 for more information or to reserve a place.



Classes are still programmed, with a change in focus, to challenge you and keep it fun!


  • The reformer Essentials class is our Studio’s most popular workout. These Essential components will give you lasting results from your sessions; improve posture, mobility, flexibility, muscle length and tone, and overall strength. Our Instructors will help you master your Pilates technique, so there begins the opportunity to challenge and progress your body’s abilities.


  • Pregnancy Pilates classes are a safe and excellent workout for women in all stages of pregnancy. Focus is made on the comfort of both mother and her growing baby. Pilates may be done throughout your entire pregnancy (most women up until 36wks) to help increase your awareness of your deep abdominal muscles, pelvic floor and posture, thus reducing pelvic girdle pain and postural strain patterns. This enables you to build a strong foundation for your pregnant body and enjoy being pregnant! Please seek medical clearance prior to joining this class with your GP or Obstetrician.



  • These are available for a group of 5 people, who can commit to a class time for the duration of 8 weeks or more. This is perfect for groups of friends, work colleagues, sporting groups or people who share the same interests and outcomes from exercise. Please note that the (free pass) offered to the standard group class 8 pass purchase does not apply to private group classes. Times will need to be organized with reception, so please contact our clinic on 6331 6225 to arrange a suitable time for your group.